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If you are not familiar or do not recognize why you were billed, you can speak to a live person by calling customer service. They will familiarize you with the charges and handle any billing or account requests you may have.

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What does Customer Support do?

Customer Support provides customer service and credit card and check processing (Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Online Check) for subscription and shopping cart websites. If you wish to use another payment method, check with the website to which you are subscribing.

Why was I billed?

You purchased a product, membership or subscription from a website or video entertainment provider that uses Customer Support's services. You should have received an email receipt at time of purchase. If you do not have your receipt, use the Account Information Retrieval Form to view purchase details.

Why do I have multiple charges?

For your convenience, many subscription-based websites renew your membership until you cancel. For more information, visit the website to which you subscribed. If you've subscribed to multiple websites, the charges will be listed separately.

How can I stop the billing?

Fill out the Account Cancellation Form. Once you've cancelled, you will not be billed again after the date of your cancellation. To maximize the value of your membership, your access will remain active until the end of the current billing cycle.

If you have trouble email or call our live operators
1 (877) 338-7068

Within USA/Canada (Toll-Free)

+001 (954) 453-4135


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